Transport and Logistics Poland was established on 1st August 2014 in Uniejów as an employers’ organisation running its activities pursuant to the Employers’ Organisations Act of 23 May 1991 (Journal of Laws No. 55, item 235). Transport and logistics companies which were major employers on the job market were the founders of the association. Each of the companies employs several hundred people.

The main objectives of Transport and Logistics Poland (TLP) are:

  • To protect, promote and represent the common ethical, economic and legal interests of its members in respect of their activities involving road transport services and activities in the sphere of shipping and logistics.
  • To create a positive image of Polish road transport in the eyes of the Polish and foreign public and to influence the proper understanding of TLP’s objectives by the public, the Government, and administration authorities.

It is worth mentioning those specific objectives which relate to the ethical and social dimension of business activities, including:

  • respecting the principles of fair competition,
  • improving broadly understood security, both in trading and in road transport and traffic,
  • initiating the activities of road-transport employers’ circles for the benefit of the public, creating the social mission of the road transport sector,
  • respecting employees’ rights and providing employees with the proper working conditions, with particular attention to the restrictions arising from the specific nature of road transport.

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