Nowadays we often hear the term „social dumping” in relation to the remuneration of polish posted workers. Meanwhile, french General Directorate of the Treasury published statistics, which shows, that the salary of polish posted workers is not only much higher than the minimum wage established there, but also surpasses the French salary level. So, where’s the logic?

For a long time, the term 'social dumping’ is used very often in the context of polish posted workers. Also in the case of Loi Macron, concept of social dumping is often quoted as the main argument for the introduction of regulations on minimum wage in the road transport sector. Meanwhile, in a newsletter of the French General Directorate of the Treasury and Economic Policy of the Ministry of Finance, are published statistics, that deny the allegations above. Moreover, according to this study, polish posted worker earns more than the French or Portuguese.

As mentioned above, the June bulletin Fri. „Competition Social workers posted to France: Facts and Myths” page French admits that low base salary is offset by other components. Summing up the overall remuneration of posted workers from Polish companies out so that their salaries are even higher than the salary they receive in their home country French.

So what’s the deal with all this noise around the posting of workers, equal pay and social dumping …? Certainly, not about improving pay and working conditions of posted workers, because these are the same, as in France.

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Publication of the French General Directorate of the Treasury and Economic Policy of the Ministry of Finance

Renata Struzik