A road transport branch is a substantial part of the national economy, both in regard to the gross domestic product generated, as well as employment. It is also apt to be affected by a lot of the outer factors, which put their imprint its condition directly.    

A Union of Employers “Transport I Logistyka  Polska” has been established in order to guarantee an effective representation of the TSL branch interests at home and abroad alike. European Union institutions and organs are the subjects of our especially keen activity, for it is there that the majority of decisions are taken which influence the European international cross border transport sector. Discussions  around the “Mobility Package” showed the paramount importance of the constant participation in a dialogue on the European Community level.

We were lucky to achieve a lot of good results since the establishment of TLP, as well as in a successful and constant building of the positive image of the branch. The Annual Report of 2018 that we are glad to hand over is summing up our activity in the year that passed  and recapitulating profiles of the member companies.  We are sure that working together we are on the positions to face the challenges awaiting the branch in the years to com